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Copper Nickel is known for its good strength, corrosion resistance and inherent resistance to biofouling in salt water environments. It is commonly used across the marine engineering industry; including, naval and commercial shipbuilding, and the oil and gas markets.

Righton Blackburns stocks a full range of Copper Nickel products, including:

Copper Nickel 90/10

The most commonly used wrought copper alloy for marine engineering and can be found in seawater systems for naval, commercial shipbuilding and the oil and gas markets Righton Blackburns offers the full spectrum of product types in this alloy, including pipe and fittings in both Metric and EMMUA size ranges catering for all applications.

Copper Nickel 70/30

Stronger than the more common copper nickel 90/10 and able to withstand corrosion at higher velocities in marine applications, making it the favourable choice in submarine systems. Righton Blackburns carries the UK's largest range of product in this alloy and are the only stockholder of DEFSTAN-02 879 metric tube specification released for use on UK naval vessels.

High Strength Copper Nickel 835

Offering superior strength and toughness, while maintaining a high level of corrosion resistance and is typically used where both these characteristics are critical. It is specified for both naval and offshore applications such as bolting, fasteners, valves and shafts.

With a network of nationwide service centres, Righton Blackburns is known for its range of processing and fabrication facilities which include the machining and cutting of copper nickel bar and tube.

To discover the composition, characteristics, properties and applications of our vast aerospace and defence grade product range, visit our datasheet database.

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